Core Exercise

Home-Sweat-Home Training

By @strengthEwa and McHugh's Mini-Gym

We will be posting and updating a free home training program here with links on how to perform the movements and tips how to progress your strength at home. 

More coming soon!!!


Day 1

Perform exercises from a block as a circuit back to back, e.g. 1A - 1B - 1C.

Rest 1-2 min between rounds. Perform up to 3 rounds of block 1 and then up to 4 rounds of block 2.

Block 1

1A Bodyweight Back-Supported Hip Thrusts, 8 reps

1B B-Stance Banded RDL, 10 reps each side

1C Reverse Lunge, 8 reps each side

Block 2

2A Tempo Squat 3-1-3-1 8 reps

2B Single Arm Deficit Push-Up 8 reps each side

2C Plank 30s


1A Bodyweight Back-Supported Hip Thrusts


1B B-Stance Banded RDL


1C Reverse Lunge


2B Single Arm Deficit Push-Up