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Equipment: Facilities


Increase your strength

Barbell training is at the heart of your training at the MiniGym. We currently offer 5 state-of-the-art barbells: a 20kg 1.0 Rogue bar without center knurl with weightlifting and powerlifting markings, a 20kg Ohio Power bar with a more aggressive knurl, a 15kg Rogue Bella bar, a 2,5kg Technique bar for beginners and a Kabuki Strength Transformer bar. These can be used in the Rogue Bolt-T3 power rack, together with the Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0, or with the free standing mobile racks on our custom-built beech wood lifting platform. To see how to set up the Transformer bar please refer to the tab at the bottom of this page.


Echo Bike

Enhance your work capacity and cardiovascular endurance

The Rogue Echo Bike 2.0 complements barbell based resistance training in an optimal way since eccentric muscle activation is used only minimally. As such you can enhance your endurance gradually without too much additional fatigue, which would otherwise interfere with your strength training. Both low intensity steady state or high intensity interval training can be performed and easily tracked.


Kettlebells, Dumbells and Cabel Pully

Accessory work

Whether you have time left over or just want to stay motivated by adding some variation to your routine. Kettlebells and dumbbells provide options for additional training volume, balance or stability focused exercises or lighter variations of the standard lifts.

We provide 4kg and 8kg kettlebells with neoprene sleeves, 16kg and 24kg primal kettlebells from Onnit, click adjustable dumbells 2-32kg and an olympic plate loaded pully system for high and low cable work.


Belts and Chalk


We provide chalk for our members and support its use for barbell exercises. Applied to the hands it enhances your grip on the barbell.

For trial classes we provide weightlifting belts, but members are encouraged to buy their own belts after a few weeks. Weightlifting belts and shoes may be left at the gym for convenience. 


Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs


We offer the ability to train with high quality blood flow restriction cuffs calibrated to each Trainee via doppler  ultrasound during the introduction class.

Blood flow restriction training can generate a robust strength and muscle building signal while only using light weight for the exercises. These can be especially useful when conventional strength movements are limited due to an injury or as an alternative to accessory work during a hypertrophy focused phase of training. 

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