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First time in the MiniGym

Time to install lights and version 1.0 of the gym-flooring! Thanks to the chief location scout Catrina for finding the great space!


Lights, weights, action...

Ready to start training within a week, thanks to the help of Renier and Jordan.


Building the platform and gym-flooring 2.0

Wood order for the weightlifting platform. The platform was built in reverse, so there would be no visible screws in the beech wood on top.


Building the platform and gym-flooring 2.0

Thanks for all the help Renier! Also got a lot of tips from Marcel on how to best work with the wood and big thanks to Victor for lending some of the tools.


Building the Platform and gym-flooring 2.0

After a few 100 wood screws and a couple of bottles of wood glue the bottom part of the platform was almost complete: just needed to sand down the beech wood, spray the logo and apply 3 coats of polyurethane.


Setting up the Rack

Big thanks again to Marcel for assisting with this.


Setting up the Rack

We planned ahead when building the platform, so that we could bolt the rack into the wood for extra stability.


Small upgrade: Custom Swiss-made safety straps.

Easier to adjust in height compared to the safety bars and can handle up to 5000kg each!


Newest additions: 3-bar gun rack and utility rack to keep the gym nice and tidy.

Sorry for all the drilling noise neighbours...

Building the Gym: Facilities

DIY 8 cm lifting blocks

These things come in really handy for a lot of applications. Made them out of gym-flooring leftovers.


Hopefully more improvements coming soon.

Get in contact and let me know what else you think could improve the gym!

Building the Gym: Facilities
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